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Aside from the Crocs that run rampant in these parts, I’m also seeing A LOT of Toms shoes on fellas out here in Colorado. I find this to be an anomaly because I have never, in all my days, seen Toms on a man before this past week. I don’t even recall seeing them in such an abundance when I was last out here a few months ago.

I do not own Toms flats. I feel they’re a bit too hippy for my blood. I do own several pairs of the wedges because they’re not only cute, but insanely comfortable. In the city I have seen women in both the wedges and flats and it never registered that men would even wear them. Granted, I’ve see this Tom dude himself wearing them with male models on the site when I go to order my wedges, but I had never seen them on fellas in real life. I am confused. What sort of look is this? Chucks are just as comfortable and don’t have that hippy-dippy thing going on, so that seems like a more obvious and sane choice than Toms.

Thoughts? Do you know a fella who rocks the Toms and does it well?

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Anne Hathaway Shopping in TOMS ShoesTOMS Shoes was originally created to fund the One for One program. For every pair of shoes you buy, Toms gives a pair away to a child in need. The founder of the company decided that rather than trying to fund the One for One charity on donations it would make more sense to simply create a company, providing jobs to people in third world countries, sell the products to westerners, and use the profits to fund the charity “Friends of TOMS” which operates the One for One program. In short, If you buy anything from this page, your giving a child in need a pair of shoes!


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Buy Toms Shoes Wholesale  from China FREE Shipping ! TOMS shoes are more than comfortable, stylish shoes. TOMS shoes have begun a “One for One” movement by providing a pair of TOMS shoes to someone in need whenever you purchase a pair.

Celebrities are wearing them and offering designs for them. Celebrities who have been seen wearing TOMS shoes include, but is not limited to:
Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Keira Knightly, Bono, Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, and Scarlett Johanssen.

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Toms Shoes Size Chart

How to choose toms shoes ? i think this toms shoes size chart can help you .

TOMS Shoes Size Chart

Women’s toms shoes size

W5 = US5 = EUR35
W6 = US5.5 = EUR36
W7 = US6.5 = EUR37
W8 = US7.5 = EUR38
W9 = US8.5 = EUR39
W10 = US9 =  EUR40

Men’s toms shoes size

M10 = US7 = EUR40
M11 = US8.5 = EUR41
M12 = US9 = EUR42
M13 = US10 = EUR43
M14 = US11 = EUR44
M15 = US12 = EUR45

Kids toms shoes size

Size: T8=UK7=EUR25
Size: T9=UK8=EUR26
Size: T10=UK9=EUR27
Size: T10.5=UK9.5=EUR28
Size: T11.5=UK10.5=EUR29
Size: Y12=UK11=EUR30
Size: Y13=UK12=EUR31
Size: Y1=UK13=EUR32
Size: Y1.5=UK13.5=EUR33
Size: Y2=UK1=EUR34
Size: Y3=UK2=EUR35

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